1% For the planet

Water represents many things, but especially mobility.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Few of us need to be reminded that the Earth is covered in water by 71%, and about 97% of that coverage is found in our oceans. It’s a number we’ve heard many times before, and points to the scale of responsibility we hold as humans to protect and sustain the ecosystems that surround us on all sides. There’s a quiet comfort in knowing that, despite the expanse of our world, we are all connected by water, the very foundation of life itself. Even still, it takes a village to put these responsibilities into action, and energizing each other by what lives at our core unites us more than we realize. Here at Kor, we’re always trying to navigate these waters through community, collaboration, and creative decisions that fuel our passion projects, striving to put 100% into our slice of sustainability. Part of that commitment lives in our membership with global nonprofit, 1% for the Planet, who has routinely opened a floodgate of opportunities for individuals and companies alike to have a hand in shaping a healthier climate since their founding in 2002. The organization works directly with brands and businesses from hundreds of industries that pledge to donate a minimum of 1% of their annual revenue in pursuit of tangible change, and 1% for the Planet recently reported that 2022 was a record year for green giving, a number we are proud to be a part of. This goes beyond philanthropic value or monetary might, because the root of camaraderie of this level can be more accurately explained by a shared vision of evolution and a desire to grow, both of which propel us to do our part where we can.

Water represents many things, but especially mobility. It’s what carries us to the summit, and then back down the slope when our hearts just won’t stop pounding. It keeps us going when we have 24 hours to spare in a new city, and holds us by the pool after a long day at work. It’s the basecamp for our wildest adventures and the reason our bodies crave more out of life. Water connects us from all four corners of the globe, and in the spirit of pelagic blue, our commitment to collaborative climate action runs very deep. Since our inception in 2004, we have placed intentional design at the forefront of our journey, ensuring that our decisions are deliberate and carefully executed. We act with purpose, and this translates fluidly into the design of our bottles. Similarly, 1% for the Planet has positioned their name as a symbol for global change, easily recognized on the products, brands, and businesses that participate as members. For some people, the idea of climate action can feel distant, removed, or irrelative, since the effects of climate change are not always surface-level. Part of our mission at Kor is to put hydration in the driver’s seat of our daily commute, and with water taking the lead of our day-to-day, we can simplify the very act of sipping sustainably. Organizations like 1% for the Planet place climate action in our peripheral line of sight so we can actively instigate change, and seeing that 1% is just enough to inspire others to get involved, too. These small but mighty maneuvers make big waves in the global fight for climate justice, launching real examples of change from accessible starting points. Water represents mobility, and we choose to use water as a vessel for change because it’s the one thing that unites us all, second only to the human experience.

Sustainability is a buzzword, no doubt. But the root of sustainability is informed by evolution, or the will to move forward. From the very beginning, Kor has been energized by innovation and creative thinking. Water is always moving, changing, adapting, and we feel empowered by this identity to grow and develop with the world around us. When we launched our One Canvas collection, for example, we wanted the unique visions of tomorrow’s artists to build and conceptualize a vessel that reflected the patchwork of humanity itself, and the many different voices that speak to our evolution. In order to see real change unfold for the world, we have to be active listeners and players in the story, not just bear witness to the statistics we’ve heard about time and time again. Forces like 1% for the Planet help us become protagonists in this narrative, allowing companies like Kor to join an expansive network of influences that facilitate change in their industries. Above all else, 1% for the Planet represents active engagement with the Earth, uniting all of us over a shared vision for upward mobility.