Meet the creator of Denver’s cool new fitness experience

It’s hard not to want to try out all of the new vibrant fitness choices available. However, the class price tag ain’t cheap, especially when you are wanting to cycle with your favorite instructor at one spot and then catch your yoga guru at another. For some, the class format may also seem overwhelming as it is easy to feel inadequate and fade into the background in a large class where everyone seems to move to the beat and know what they are doing. So, most people end up settling into their tried and true treadmill routine or with a membership at a place where they feel somewhat adequate. There’s no passion, pizzazz, community.

Enter FitLo - Denver’s own fitness membership passport. Created by Tricia Olson, FitLo allows you the ease of having a home studio while also providing you with opportunities to check out other fitness (and yoga!) facilities, VIP style.

As a FitLo member, you get to go to two special events a month. Each event is hosted by a different studio in Denver. Sometimes you are part of a public class, sometimes an event is put on specifically for FitLo. Either way, you get an authentic introduction to an unfamiliar place and are guaranteed a special experience by a senior instructor. And you get to do all of this with an intimate group of other FitLo members, so making friends is natural and feels supported.

So how did this all come together? We caught up with the woman behind the concept, FitLo creator and founder, Tricia Olson:

What inspired FitLo? What is your mission?
My mission has always been to help people authentically connect with others and find a workout that they are connected to; to find their “FitFam” or their “YogaFam”, so to speak. I want everyone to be able to find something/someone that inspires them to keep coming back on a regular basis, to keep growing. After all, the best workout is the one you show up to. The one that makes you a happier kinder person for the rest of the day. Everyone is inspired differently so why not give them a chance to explore without a heavy price tag of doing so?

Everything I do is ultimately about connection. I am committed to empowering people to figure out what they like and to make their own decisions about their fitness home. It’s easy to get stuck doing something a friend likes and never truly feel connected. So, you do it for a while and then you fall off the wagon. My goal with FitLo is to help people create ownership around what they need when it comes to working out, and to inspire them to pursue their fitness goals with confidence.

How has FitLo changed over the years?
My why hasn’t changed. I’ve always wanted to help people find their home gym. I started my business with a regular blog, and didn’t even know how to do it - I had a writing coach! Then I went into the studio review niche. It was cool, but felt a bit like I was in a silo. I kept thinking, “People will reach this, but are they going to show up to class?” So, that’s how I came up with the FitLo Membership idea. I could feature studios and/or get studios to host passport events. It felt better; this day and age, people are in dire need of actual human interaction. The membership filled that need.

What has been the most challenging part of running your business?
It’s time consuming! I’m a mom, a career woman, and I have FitLo. Given that I am so passionate about it, I have to temper my passion so I don’t run myself ragged. I have to be a yogi about it. You can’t do it all. I meditate, I even scale back. When I scale back, people don’t notice, but I do because I’m such a perfectionist. I want everything to be done precisely and in a way that supports others. I have to get better about asking for help.

What has been the most rewarding??
When I see/hear people say that they made new connections. Inclusivity is very important to me. I work really hard to make FitLo be inclusive. When people say that they’ve never felt included before to do a fitness class or attend an event, but FitLo helped me them do just that; its music to my ears. Everyone should feel welcome.

We ended the interview with some insight on FitLo’s future and the Denver fitness scene in general.

What do you think about the Denver fitness community? Is there anything that you would like to see change?
I think the Denver fitness community is incredible. Like Denver, it is a well kept secret… at least it used to be. People are slowly finding out about all the advantages of being in Denver: the mountains, the various industries, the fresh air… the fitness community is the same way. It has so much to offer! Denver is a home to many creators, some of whom were able to expand their dreams into more corporate environments. Some have stayed small. Right now, a lot of power players from other cities/states are moving in as well. It’s great; people have a lot of choices when it comes to fitness. My wish is that the Denver community continues to create. With FitLo, I want to help the creators be seen, recognized and highlighted.

 Learn more about FitLo at their website:

By Aleksandra Sosniak