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Kor started with the simple idea of bringing hydration to the masses while also being environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, many people still hydrate using wasteful, single-use water bottles. KOR strives to change that by creating reusable water bottles that are as innovative as they are beautiful!

Hydration is an essential part of being human. For example, we can survive three full weeks without food but only three DAYS without water. Though hydration is necessary for all of us, not all hydration is considered equal. Simple tap water can meet your basic hydration needs, but water infused with electrolytes can hydrate you while also improving your physical performance. Here at KOR, we’ve done extensive research on the best ways to hydrate your body, and found ourselves most interested in hydrogen-enriched water and its aid in super hydration, antioxidant boosts in the body, and limiting oxidative stress.

There is positive evidence that shows adding hydrogen-rich water to your normal hydration regime can have amazing effects on your body. Many people find their skin condition improves and their energy is overall increased. The question we then asked ourselves was, “How do we make an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to provide hydrogen-enriched water?” Hydrogen molecules (H2) are lighter than air, making them difficult to store (even in water) for an extended amount of time. Despite this, KOR has created a filter that not only adds powerful antioxidants and balances ph, but also adds enriched hydrogen (H2) to your water- all packed into an elegant, reusable bottle.

The Revolutionary KOR+ Filter

The KOR+ filter, also known as the KOR+ Capsule, transforms ordinary tap water into SUPER water! The KOR+ filter is created from coconut charcoal and a patented formula of rare-earth minerals. Sip by sip, water is purified and infused with abundant hydrogen and healthy minerals. In addition, the KOR+ filter raises the water’s pH balance up to 9.5. In other words, the filter provides you with all the benefits of hydrogen-enriched water while also helping out the planet. KOR+ is the sustainable solution to your hydration needs and those pesky single-use plastic bottles.

KOR’s patented rare-earth mineral blend creates hydrogen-infused water that not only provides the body with powerful antioxidants, but also activates the body’s own internal antioxidant system — strengthening your body’s natural defenses and fighting free radicals in the process!

Why enriched Hydrogen?

KOR has partnered with Dr. Robert Gellibolian to help peer-review studies on H2 and also provide commentary on the benefits. In his own words:

“H2 has been shown to activate your body’s own antioxidant defense systems, thereby promoting better health, athletic performance and slowing the aging process. In biological systems, ‘oxidative stress’ refers to an imbalance between the levels of damaging oxidants (a.k.a. free radicals) and our bodies’ ability to remove and neutralize them. Oxidative stress is thought to be the root cause of many of today’s chronic conditions, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, aging, and more.

Science has demonstrated that molecular hydration helps fight this oxidative stress directly, but more importantly, it works by supporting your body’s natural ability to boost its own antioxidant defenses. KOR+ is the real deal. This water essentially turns your body on.”

Our Promise to the Hydration Community

KOR strives to provide the most cutting edge personal hydration systems on the market. Based on our extensive research and development, the KOR+ will deliver hydrogen-rich, antioxidant-packed, alkaline balanced water to help you become your best self. It’s time to KOR+ your body!

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