Hydration Habit Change Challenge

KOR Hydration Habit Change Challenge

 We know it's challenging to stay hydrated and to drink more water, and that’s why we’re here to help. Staying hydrated can prevent arthritis, kidney disease, diabetic ketoacidosis, and certain cancers too. KOR has put together our best tips and strategies for hydration wellness. From how many ounces of water you should be drinking — to setting daily reminders on your smartphone — to infusing your water with your favorite fruits and much, much more. Research shows that to build and maintain a new habit, the habit must be continuously practiced for at least two weeks. When you join our Hydration Habit Change Challenge you'll receive 14 simple and easy tips delivered straight to your inbox each morning. These are our best and easiest tips that we use to help us stay hydrated throughout the day. Enter your email address below and become your better self in 14 days! Hydrate and be well. 

Hydration Habit Change