Hydration Urine Test

Hydration Urine Test

Are you hydrated?

Often times, physical signs such as headaches, fatigue, and dry mouth can signify dehydration. But one of the best ways is by the color of your urine (yep, pee!).

Compare the color of your urine at the beginning of the day.

If your urine matches 1, 2, or 3, pale yellow shades, it indicates that you are healthy and hydrated. Well done!

If your urine matches 4, 5, or 6, dark yellow or amber shades, it's a telling sign that you are dehydrated and should drink more water. Consume 1 bottle over 15 minutes and continue until urine is yellow or lighter.

If your urine matches 7 or 8, brown and orange shades, it indicates you are severely dehydrated and should drink a lot more water. Consume 2-3 bottles over 30 to 60 minutes and continue until urine is yellow or lighter.

Redish shades, like 9, can signify a potential health issue like blood in the urine or kidney disease. Seek medical attention if urine color doesn't change after hydration.

If you are taking single vitamin supplements or a multivitamin supplement, some of the vitamins in the supplements can change the color of your urine for a few hours, making it bright yellow or discolored for a few hours.

Always consult your doctor.